Cleaning Territory Under Power Lines

Posted January 28th, 2012 by Suzy

The task of cleaning the territory under the power line was and remains relevant. Cleared strip zarostaet quickly enough after a few years needs to be re-cleared. Perform this task in various ways. One of the them – trimming the trees by hand and their further processing. One of the advantages of this method – to work in tight spaces.

However, manual cleaning is required repeated often enough (on average once every 2-3 years). K Moreover, productivity in this case is very low. Quality of work depends on the conscience of the perpetrators, often so lame. The question remains, processing felled trees and bushes. If this the problem is not solved – that skladyaetsya unpleasant situation. Vegetation cut away, stored in a heap. And these are heaps over the years.

In hot weather is a great environment for wildfires. Now the problem has become urgent cleaning of this debris. The best way to recycling – shredding on chips. This is done by disk chippers, mounted on a tractor. They feed on these machines from BOMA tractor can be equipped with hydraulic feed, and also has its own hydraulic system. For the harvest of exclusion power lines used chemical method. It allows use in tight spaces. However, the use of herbicides is not always possible. In particular, near the villages settlements, water, pastures can be dangerous. Possible poisoning in both animals and humans. Sufficiently progressive method – the use of mower, such as Seppi M. They allow you to quickly rewrite large parts of the area. With their possible by harvesting as shrubs and small trees. Depending on the model Mowers able to handle timber with a diameter of 30-50 cm, however, work on such a large timber is inefficient. Installed Mowers on various types of tractors. Certain models, such as Miniforst, can run on MTZ-82. Larger mower needed a more powerful tractor.

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