Classification Furniture

Posted November 6th, 2011 by Suzy

Types and classification of furniture In the development of various documentation, training manuals, technical reference books and the furniture must use the same furniture terminology and to identify major concepts. Information provided in this textbook terms, definitions and notations are given values in accordance with the standards. Furniture-mobile or embedded hardware products for residential and public buildings, landscaping and other areas of human habitation. To develop the production plans of enterprises and departments, the range and assortment plans trade organizations, as well as for practical design must have a classification of articles of furniture and their optimal range. Nomenclature of furniture – the composition of products for furnishing of premises a specific purpose or a list of functional types of products, which any kit. Determined by the layout of the room, its purpose, content of work and household processes, and quantitative composition of the professional people in the rooms, furniture range – the composition and ratio certain types of products or in product, such as enterprise, or in the distribution, or consumption.

The range should be formed based on a study of consumer demands and demand by upgrading the old and new products. The optimum range and optimal range – the most favorable, the best possible under the circumstances, taking into account the influence of various factors. Set Furniture is a group of items linked by a common architectural and artistic challenge of the situation room, with wide variability in composition and purpose. From one set of products can form a variety of options furniture sets.

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