Civil Defence

Posted November 5th, 2015 by Suzy

Thus, the test masks were directly in combat conditions. According to several reports from the front mask is gradually improving. Professor Zelinsky advocated in order to supply the front with gas masks were concentrated in the hands of one person. In the mask command officers were poorly distinguishable. The soldiers, who wore a beard, do not cope well with the masks. Then there was a system for sound reinforcement team, the idea of non-return valve for expiratory flow, improved box, glasses.

Development took place before the end of the war. Later models were supplied with detailed instructions: ‘ should be replaced Protivogaz novym unto sleduyuschih sluchayah: 1) If a rubber mask At least the slightest imet razryv or nadryv. Rubber can not be with needle thread, kak, Thus, even cherez these holes pass gaz and thread budut tear the rubber. 2) If the glass behind ochkov ot tire if they are broken or cracked. 3) If the mask is tightly connected to the box unto the neck. 4) If unto box cracks, holes, split seams, otbilos neck, etc. 5) If protivogaz pobyval unto the water and coal namok.

6) If the upper filtr (unto korobk) lost and coal dust letit beneath the mask. 7) If ot long socks coal unto boxes so that when shaking the box heard kak strongly dangles her content. 8) If protivogaz few chasov byl unto attack or if izdaet suspicious zapah. Need to be addressed and minor faults: notice the disrepair or an intricate braid, a faulty plug, solder a broken eye, etc. ‘In Soviet Russia’s chemical weapons were used once the peasants in 1921 during the Tambov uprising, which broke out due to a strict policy requisitioning. The uprising was crushed by harsh methods with hostage taking, torture, concentration camps and executions. Partially defused the situation by Lenin cancellation policy requisitioning. Further, with the introduction of the Civil Defence civilian gas masks have become part of their lives. Today, no one who does not know what the gas mask. Modern civilian gas mask light, has a fixture for drinking water, a panoramic mask.

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