Civil Code

Posted March 6th, 2021 by Suzy

Second, struck off the register or be discharged from the apartment can be visited independently at first passport office at the previous place of residence. Additional information at Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions supports this article. Citizen applies for his removal from of registration, and then arriving at a new residence, he visited the passport office and prescribed by your new address. Option 2 – is a voluntary not wish to be discharged if prescribed citizens are unwilling to voluntarily to be discharged, it can be done only through the courts. There must be aware of the following rules of law: 1) In accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 292 Civil Code, transfer of title to a house or apartment to another person is grounds for termination of the right to use the living room by family members the previous owner, unless otherwise provided by law.

This means that if the premises were sold and registered for the new owner of the right property, then all the fixed family of the former owner loses the right to use the apartment. But it is not automatic. Evict (write) of the citizens on this ground can only be based on a decision court. This means that the new owner will have to submit to a court petition. Based on this article of the law, the former owner of the dwelling can not write down their family members for as long as the apartment is sold. A more precisely, until the registered ownership for the new owners of the apartment. The premises will in any case to sell to the tenants, which can significantly reduce the cost of the apartment.

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