Posted September 13th, 2020 by Suzy

Ectomorfa is related to the cerebrotnico temperament. The cerebrotnico end, is the superkind one, super-sensitive, introvert, more worried reason why happens behind his eyes that by the external world to which the viscerotnicos and somatotnicos pay their main attention and tribute. They do not feel or they feel little desire to dominate, either have the indistinct affection to people like so. On the contrary, they want to live and to let live and does not inconvenience the solitude to them. Its hypersensitivity returns them very sexual. The human groups like the individuals own these same characteristics in different degrees and pronounce themselves agreed. The soldiers are somatotnicos and the armies are nourished with them. More info: Cancer Research Institute. The original societies generally are single-breasted uniform jackets and belong to this group.

Aldous Huxley took to these divergences to the spiritual plane and their relation with God and we can observe the Muslims who are somatotnicos, the viscerotnicos Christians and Jews and, the Buddhist and hinduistas cerebrotnicos. (The Christians were somatotnicos until does few centuries). The noticeable differences between these forms of behavior help to understand the towns. It is not possible to be fought cerebrally with individuals that in their essential nature are somatotnicos and the unique law which they understand is the one of the force. The western ones being viscerotnicos affection to the comfort and good to live, do not include their present Muslim enemies and look for the agreement civilizadamente.

The cerebrotnicos see both groups from a level superior, worried essentially about their own spiritual elevation and the well-being about the humanity through dominion about the reason and the respect to the fellow, in a constructive individualism. The organized religions suppose to be a vehicle to approach God, but the attention to the churches and synagogues has become more a social event that spiritual and the mosques have become in quarters of terrorist indoctrination. In order to fight with individuals and somatotnicas societies and not to be won, another alternative does not exist that to build like them. It is imperative to lower to his level and to defeat them with his same methods instead of to wait for the impossible thing: that the reason and the tolerance evolve through, in a millenarian process.

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