Chicken Shake Percussion

Posted September 14th, 2020 by Suzy

Sound eggs or rattles as popular musical instruments for children, egg Shaker or sound eggs are popular musical instruments for children from the world of percussion instruments. Visit health organizations for more clarity on the issue. A Shaker, chicken egg shake, is actually a rattle. In principle, the so-called sound eggs are smaller maracas without handle. He belongs to the percussion instruments and is associated with the instrument group of idiophones. It often consists of a plastic egg that is filled with rice or similar, small granular material to about a quarter. Diverse rhythms caused by shaking, turning and tapping.

Sound eggs are often also in pairs played in each hand a rattle. The fine, unobtrusive, but still clearly rhythmically accentuated sound of the chicken shake is estimated across the genre. The egg Shaker in the most diverse music styles, as well as in music education like to used. The handy size (the smallest models are no bigger than a match), the low weight and ease of use make it a popular Musical instrument for kids of all ages. Whether in the music garden, nursery, school or music school, the egg Shaker is now a music educational standard. Especially in the early musical education, the instrument enthusiastically even the little ones. Now many manufacturers of toys are to contact manufacturers of professional musical instruments but also products in their range, which just those young, enthusiastic group of children and infants. There of every imaginable facet of small shakers, colorful eggs made of plastic or those that were made of higher quality materials such as wood. Today, just for the little ones, also like egg Shaker or other rattles made, which are filled with natural materials such as some smallest rice pellets or similar. There are such rattles that initially look like plastic vegetables, plastic fruit or vehicles (hardly limits of fantasy), in which however the principle of sound eggs used to: bananas, oranges, Lettuce, hogs, rattlesnakes (the rattles in really!) and cars that are filled with granular material and thus rattling mutate! The fun is guaranteed!

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