Celebrate And Feast Like Rode ORM

Posted March 12th, 2017 by Suzy

The Vikings already enjoyed a vacation area in which it is so beautifully hyggelig life on the Limfjord. We turn back the clocks. abetes. Let’s say in the year 900. Although the Sun is shining, blowing a fresh West wind from the nearby North Sea. A boat is struggling after the other by the narrowness in the present-day logstor.

Since the small fleet of the Kattegat is coming happened in the Limfjord, the men must row almost continuously. Now the logstor Bredning uneasy hard and short waves waiting for the boats fully equipped with warriors. They painstakingly fight their way free of the shoals, which have become the fate already many ship, until finally the helmsman the boat to starboard from dropping. He sets course for the Aggersborg, which is only a few miles away on the northern shore of the Limfjord with swelled sails. In long series arrived earlier boats are pulled up on the beach. The Aggersborg teems with people. In the twelve longhouses are normal to the 5000 man stationed, to join are now warriors from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, who look forward to the joint foray to England, and of course try the relaxed mood for their businesses to exploit dealers traveled to and Gunstgewerblerinnen. Who can enjoy the sweetish beer to the many fish, shellfish and oyster dishes.

Only the soldiers of the regular crew keep watch on the high Palisades to protect of guests and the major North South going trade route, the oxen road, which goes beyond Flensburg and Altona. Gesitteter and definitely peaceful guests can experience today the gourmet feasts on the Limfjord. It is because that Limfjorden gourmets is again high in the course, that he a so is a continuous water arm such as for example the oresund as in the times of the Vikings in reality. Saline water from the North Sea mixes with fresh water and creates ideal living conditions for mussels, oysters and certain species of fish.

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