Castilian Literary

Posted September 1st, 2020 by Suzy

Literary critic and essay writer, were the main dnsor theoretician and in Catalonia of " realism histrico". Poetry: It Maria Millares Sall has corresponded to Jose (Vegueta, Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, 1921), passed away in September of 2009, by her work Notebooks (2000-2009). She founded with his brothers Manolo, painter, and the poetry Agustn, poet, collection Flat (1948-1951). In successive years she dedicated herself to the artisan book preparation. Speaking candidly American Society for Microbiology told us the story. Narrative: The novelist Javier Fences, (Ibahernando, Cceres, 1962) has received this distinction by his work Anatomy of a moment.

He is licensed and doctor in Hispanic Philology and professor of Spanish Literature in the University of Gerona. In addition their novels are known the renter, the belly of the whale and Soldiers of Salamina. Test: Anjel Lertxundi (Orio, Guip’uzcoa, 1948) has been awarded by its Eskarmentuaren work paperak. Writer, literary critic, journalist and scriptwriter of television. Its production it includes literary sorts like infantile and youthful Literature, the narration, the test or the poetry, written generally in euskera.

Dramatic Literature: Lluisa Cunill (Badalona, 1961) has been awarded by its work That one infinite air. Playwright, writes indifferently in Castilian and Catalan. Infantile and youthful Literature: It has fallen on Eliacer Cansino (Seville, 1954) by his work a room to Babel. University professor of Philosophy, his work has concentrated in infantile and youthful Literature with titles like: The pencil that found its name or a film disaster. Better Translation: In this category it has been outstanding Mauro Ermine (Cereceda, Burgos.1944) by his translation of the work History of my life of Giacomo Casanova. He is critical literary, journalist and translator. Work of a translator: They accept Kovacsics, (Chile, 1953) has been awarded by the set of its work. Of Spanish Hungarian and nationalized origin, it realised studies of Romance philology, English philology and philosophy in the University of Vienna. History of Spain: Fernandez Albaladejo, awarded by the work has corresponded him to Pablo the Crisis of the Monarchy.

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