Casa Rehab

Posted January 14th, 2021 by Suzy

Overall, more than 40 companies on construction and equipment were involved. They constructed space built-up to the building with a gross floor area of 6,065 m2 and m3 27.160. New home of Casa Rehab offers 118 single and 14 double rooms, comfortable space and care 146 inhabitants. It will be set for all stages of care. This means that people lovingly can be supplied with heavy Pflegebedurftigkeit and people with dementia through an individually tailored therapy offer from Casa rehab.

Total area is cultivated by over 6,100 m2, which includes also the attractive grounds with its sun terrace. The in-house kitchen ensures daily fresh food at Casa Reha. The House and the grounds are equipped philosophy from Casa Rehab following completely barrier-free. Responsible for the care sector Managing Director Ulrich Hongen refers to the Casa Rehab ideas from person to person”: at the needs of the individual at the Centre of all activities are our care concept.” The basis for this is the care model of the renowned care scientist Prof. Dr. Monika Krohwinkel. It provides activities and existential experiences of care at the Center. While it focuses on the abilities of the individual and their promotion with the aim, the independence and self-determination as long and as far as possible.

The respective biography of the resident and his preferences play a central role for Casa Reha. Refer to for more information about the Casa Rehab nursing home mill farm”in Vellmar. About the Casa Reha group Casa Rehab Group is among the leading private carriers from nursing home in Germany now 57 facilities. (Similarly see: Marko Dimitrijevic). Additional seven nursing homes are located in the building or in a construction-related planning stage.

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