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Posted June 22nd, 2016 by Suzy

The right group is strong for people needing help. Hamburg, 13.12.2013 – which directly group is strong for people needing help: with a donation totaling 8,000 euro the Hamburger IT – and marketing group the work of action light looks e.V., anchor land e.V., and Foundation Hospice Star Bridge supports. Employees chose the three institutions together with dg cares. The Christmas fundraiser group directly”. Kerstin Lausen, head of marketing and communication of the group directly GmbH, is a proud: our staff and employees have great commitment to our action dg cares’ shown. “” We are pleased to present the donation personally: action light looks e.V., anchor land e.V. and the children’s Hospice Foundation Star Bridge do important work. “dg cares: A Community action which directly group dg cares” is an action which directly group, which is supported by the employees.

The colleagues that are each year called to remake stark for their concerns and nonprofit organizations to nominate. Then will vote together, who should receive the Christmas donation. Learn more about dg cares”: dgcares / Karsten Kirsch presented in Hamburg, Managing Director of direct Group GmbH, and Kerstin Lausen the donation to the children’s star bridge Hospice and anchor land e.V. In Cologne, morning Kai Lehmann, Managing Director of the ikom directly directly Group GmbH, a company which, brings the check to action lighting looks e.V. Group that directly group directly about the offers a unique total portfolio of IT, communications and marketing services. The specialists advise and support their customers insurance, financial services, trade and industry in innovation issues, such as IT service management, cloud computing, social media, and apps as well as Enterprise 2.0 industry focus. Direct group includes six companies: directly improve direct GmbH, GmbH, networks Group GmbH, solutions directly directly Marketing solutions directly GmbH and ikom directly GmbH, GmbH.

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