Camarilla World

Posted July 10th, 2020 by Suzy

But gradually he became lonely, and it took another three in a community of vampires. Center for Responsible Business is often mentioned in discussions such as these. These three in turn have created 13 more, and these voracious monsters went among the first peoples of the world, ruthlessly eating and using death as a doll in their feud. Cain was given into a rage by this behavior, disable the creation of offspring. By bringing children and grandchildren, Cain built a great city – the first city in the world – and here the vampires and mortals lived in the world.

Antediluviane and Clans This could not last long. Children of Cain violated the prohibitions of his master, and once again become pawns in the death of the empire. tion has to say. In the end, the city was defeated – some say that the reason was natural disaster, others – that witchcraft rebellious offspring led to the cataclysm. Kain had disappeared into the abyss, never to give more of an effect. Three vampire Second Generation also disappeared into the mists of legend. No 13 grandchildren Cain, free from pressure, began to enthusiastically create new vampires.

These 13 became known as Antediluviane, and their children started on their image and likeness, have inherited magical gifts and curse Antediluvians. So were create a clan. Dark times clan dispersed around the world, sowing confusion and sadness. Although each successive generation was weaker than the last, it was great in number. In the ziggurat of Babylon, in the palaces of Crete, in the tribunals of Rome vampires ruled as tyrants, dark, ever using mortals as food and weak-willed soldier. Vampire fought with the Vampire, a clan with a clan, and so – from the ancient discord of the First Cities – birthplace of the great jihad, which continues today. Greatest prosperity Red Rod reached during the early Middle Ages. While a lot of vampires ruled openly, keeping the peasants and lords alike in their night a snap.

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