By The Weihnachtesfrieden On Earth

Posted December 22nd, 2016 by Suzy

The truce in the trenches In the first world war took place in the trenches of the so-called Christmas peace. Thus could be shooting on December 24, 1914. The old documents indicate that there have been on the battlefields of Europe between the warring armies to partnerships. Both parties for 24 hours peace wanted on Christmas Eve. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine understood the implications. And indeed, not a single shot fell. “Legend has it, that the wild” Christmas – Armistice of Ypres was launched, but then almost entire front along the line, from the sea to the Alps continued. Occasional battle breaks were previously rare.

At times, the war was interrupted, to bury the dead and wounded to eat. However, this lull was different. During the salvage operations of the Christmas time the soldiers took time, to get with the enemy in the discussion. Football was played even in multiple locations with more or less provisional means. Near the French town of Fromelles, a common service of Britons and Germans took Instead of. The symbolic power of courage, which showed soldiers in the field, as they each other, found a different answer to the differences by overcoming the fear for a short time as their Governments, should be also today us, to start the Holy evening peacefully without differences. German soldiers all over the world are called upon to lay their arms to a peaceful Christmas to make on this day.

Beyond the political interests of power, we find a their own response to the policy and extend a hand to the enemy in the field. Little gestures like that are there to show the opposite, that we are still human and no battle beasts. Everyone wants to find his peace. This human need can bring us each other and push aside the existing problems for a short time. Perhaps evolved from something completely new and hopefully peaceful. We think in 1945 when the heavy bombing in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich beyond the in those days also on the innocent civilians political interests for the life to come. Even though the Christmas Truce was not tolerated by the political leadership in 1914, the actual peace showed the courage of the soldiers, to meet each other, instead of killing himself.

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