Bipolar Disorder

Posted June 24th, 2020 by Suzy

Today I want to talk about how many people with Bipolar Disorder have improved and are moving forward. How to face their day to day and how little by little get a little closer to the wonderful idea of being happy. One of the most important assumptions and conditions actually seems very simple … although its power has proven to be very large. It is the HOPE.

With proper treatment and necessary assistance is very possible to experience long periods without suffering symptoms. The conviction that we can confront the disease and that can cope with sudden disturbances and mood changes is not only a right attitude and a truth, but also essential for recovery. It is also important to realize that bipolar disorder, depression and manic states tend to follow cyclical patterns. You may be having a tough time, that pain and despair are now part of his life, but must be convinced that all mejoraraa is not always feel well if have faith in yourself and in people who are at your side. Have Bipolar Disorder and suffering does not mean that the patient can not do anything about it or be free of any responsibility for himself. And certainly not that mean that you can not (and should) trust any important decisions. In fact, my experience, think about and treat a patient is a mistake because the person concerned has to take a step forward and has to decide to fight. This includes knowing step forward for help to their loved ones when needed, commit to taking the medication that he sets appointments with the specialist.

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