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Posted August 30th, 2013 by Suzy

Why psychologists we resist to charge fees to our patients? Poco’s received an enojadisima patient told me: you are studying psychology to heal and as they do not succeed, seek to heal others! If it had counted twenty-four hours to give a response, probably staff not had stayed as I was. He was right! That irritated Lady helped me to think that each one looks for desangustiarse. For example, I am convinced that the majority of physicians are hypochondriacal. When someone makes me a query I am enabled to suppose that I’m healthy, that I possess the truth, that I know well how is this live and other delusions. If this belief is very strong, we can assume that these fantasies are not yet worked in personal analysis of the psychologist and why it is sufficiently paid with the consultant from the patient attitude. Indeed, who makes me a query and allows me to believe so enormous and gratifying nonsense, does not deserve it charged. Is more: It could let me so happy that I would have wanted to pay me to him.

In sum dear psychologist /: If you don’t know how to charge you for your patient, is because your natural honesty tells you that it is he who’s giving you something that you need. When forget to be a customer of your patients (re-reads this be client of your patients), you’ll see how because you won’t have more reason to perform valuable work ‘to the low price of the need to’. I assure you!. blogspot. com I apply my greater amount of energy to the Lacanian psychoanalysis because I am sure that is possible with this scientific art enable developing potential skills we all have. I reasoned thus: be rich for helping others and being poor serves so others can help us. Therefore: I want to be rich and don’t want to be poor. Related blogs honesty Uruguay the day hours lost criticism and news film driving motorcycles, Physics (1) LFG family Business: Profile: art Monaco Monaco news & trend There’s hot Always Room for Polaroids d’Arte Board Walnut Yo-Yo for cracking all your nuts by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei ten years later, FIU applied its first sanction Minister Von Baer reiterates that there are no figures official ya go 230 persons in pre-trial detention for participating in the Governor reaffirmed his commitment to wage respond

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