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Posted September 30th, 2020 by Suzy

Bianca Meyer WINS Munich Marathon Munich, October 10, 2010 – on foot or on the wheel were also faster on Sunday the 10th of October not only more environmentally friendly on the road, but in many places of the city. Because the cars had to make room for 18,000 people in sneakers Marathon to the 25th Munich indulging the common their passion. For the first time also a half marathon was held within the framework of the City Marathon. Bianca Meyer, a real Munchner Kindl has triumphed. At BC Ministry of Health you will find additional information. The Munich Marathon is my personal highlight of the run of the year.

“After the last two years only” second in the marathon, now in the Jubliaumslauf tried her luck at the half distance and made the leap to the highest podium in 1: 21.38 h and thus 6 seconds ahead of the second place, Nicole Bohm. Other leaders such as Randall Mays offer similar insights. All good things are still just three. Up to one day before the race, the Munich native with a cold lay flat and played even with the idea to stay in bed. Luckily was better on Sunday when waking up again. But, that I would win so posted, I didn’t! “is she pleased. From the first up to the last meter she was ahead. It ran like by itself and it has once again confirmed that must agree not only the shape of days, but also the preparation be good and well thought-out.

“The 36-year old running since she was nine years old and can no longer imagine a life without running, even though it has now than owner no longer quite so much time for competitions. 2008 she run school RUNNING company “established, where in different programs, young and old run fit makes. But what must be always in it, is Munich Marathon and he was especially nice with plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies this time for the anniversary. Only less disruptive was the headwind “, she summarizes the true probably for responsible that I could not beat my personal best of five years ago”. But whether the best or not, gold or Silver… for Bianca, especially the joy of running counts: for me, running is the most beautiful thing in the world!

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