The snow master GmbH introduces a reliable and unique bed bug monitor from the middle of the year. For professional and reliable localization of possible bed bug infestation or to examine the effectiveness of an already implemented control measure, the snow master GmbH Germany offers a bed bug monitor unique in its function. This monitor can be installed anywhere without special precautions and deployed, because he works independently. How is modeled after a potential host (human) and deceives the Bedbugs through the targeted and controlled release of CO m in combination with heat a potential victim before. Attracted by the bed bug monitor, bed bug on special adhesive sticks and is held in this way visible, so that when a possible infestation of bed bugs at the same time its strength can be analyzed. In recent years a steady increase in bed bugs infestation is, particularly in hotels, hostels, residential facilities as well as in Private homes there. By the ever increasing global travel, the spread of bed bugs and other pests is an important issue.

Particular attention in prevention is needed to avoid large-scale and costly concerning. These pests can be detected quickly and effectively and fought through the use of the new bed bug monitor. Thus is ensured with a regular preventive monitoring that large-scale expansions of bed bugs can not arise. The bed bug monitor the snow master GmbH can be obtained from the middle of the year.

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