Baron Roma

Posted July 7th, 2020 by Suzy

The crowd approached the watchman, and with practiced ease began to make noise, simultaneously pressing against the door. Wachter, as already mentioned, was a serious man, accustomed to good perform their duties. The first attack petered out, bumping into his flat refusal. The second, more powerful wave, was a little more. Part of the Roma broke the defensive line, and rushed, it was up, but experienced soldier grabbed by the neck, back past the starting line. Realizing that the move will not be able to break through, tribesmen moved into the second round of struggle – the siege of the fortress. It usually brings success, but this time the patient relatives Gypsy who is undergoing treatment in a therapeutic unit with no luck. Gypsies, thoroughly worn out, do not try to go to the assault.

Standing at the door, they become monotonous and persistent clamor. To the surprise of the Roma people, therefore, continued to insist. Finally they got tired and fell back into the hall, where there was a thick Roma, and as general watch. Surrounding his boss, the team tried to defend himself, but after listening to a few exemplary sentences stopped. After some time, thick with lush Roma black whiskers, briskly walked to the "information desk". Apologizing, he asked permission to call the culture of local phone calls. After discussing some time with the doctor, he received permission, handed the receiver to the employee of the table reference.

This, in turn, sweeping to her nodded. A gypsy robe and threw conducted through non-criminal line past the doorman. Going up stairs, Gypsy Baron soon disappeared. Following these events, passing the doorman meditating, I realized that our grandfather, as well as the Roma, it turns out, does not know anything about meditation. The fact that a pensioner, a former soldier, suffered hearing loss and wore glasses with a built-in hearing aid them with the regulator of hearing. Adjusting his glasses, my grandfather removed the "volume" to zero, and therefore did not hear anything, and Gypsies wasting your precious time and eloquence. But how could a fat gypsy with such ease, without a permit, get into office? A few days later all turned out for duty. We were on duty together with the head trauma unit. In the evening he told me complained that there is a gypsy who spends his head several times. This happens as follows: the Roma local phone calls the head of the trauma unit, and said that he needed to talk to him about a sick relative. The doctor, suspecting nothing, gives an indication of the staff on the phone "information desk". Gypsy Baron safely pass through the checkpoint, and is not directed to the head casualty department, and on her way to a relative in another therapeutic department …! A deaf old man, catching up with the fear of the Roma, was at the checkpoint is not a very long time. Whether it is in general no longer hear, or were some other reason, but it no longer visible. Passing through the checkpoint, I often recall with a smile this case, and I hope that the security guard, who stood bravely at his post alive and regularly gets his pension. He probably is not now and guess how much inconvenience at the time he was delivering the Gypsy fraternity. Gypsies and now use a two-step tactics breakthrough, having mastered it to perfection. Sometimes I have to deal with a break in office Gypsy family, then I heartily regret that the watch is not in good faith performing its duties porter. Haydenok Sergei G.

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