Posted October 30th, 2020 by Suzy

But it is that theatre can serve to teach mathematics or language or history? Well Yes, why not? The dramatic expression to the! education service! Not as a separate activity (almost always unrelated to the educational fact) but forming part of each subject matter: anyway, as one tool rather than equally provide (enriching it) the work of the teacher and Orient (with practice) the understanding of the students. As one tool, other teaching materials, complement to the text book, slides or visit the Museum of puppetry, shadow puppetry, pantomime, children themselves and girls representing / having a historical fact, a math problem or a grammatical concept: the possibilities and uses are formidable. Segra Stadium shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. -Uf! -Here is when a part of the teaching staff is cast their hands to the head and chugs – Uf! More work! They have no dramatic training and believe that all this is very complicated, and is not so: for once take as an example to the children themselves and girls that do not have dramatic training but open one of these books and with only begin to read it now are playing, and learning: so simple, and that is the position to follow it is clear that more resources the trainer have more possibilities of game, but with practice you learn, is not it? Each of the books until now, I’ve published supported in (and supporting, bolstering) this theory (which is certainly not new, nor is mine) has counted on the valuable assistance (and almost surveillance) of a teacher specialized in the subject to be treated, and later in several courses with teachers and student teachers have failed to check (and confirm) extent to whichwith desire and imagination (and time and commitment, of course) can grow that theory, make big big independence and already walk out there, free, away from my hand, which I receive news from Barcelona, Navarra, (and further still!: from Morocco, Colombia) people with their daily work and discreet in anonymous schools leverage, which exceeds my initial proposal. .

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