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Special part of the survey: Euro debt crisis / guarantee interest in life insurance In the special part of the survey the euro debt crisis and the potential impact of the guarantee rate cut in life insurance have us this time particularly interested in. On the subject of the euro debt crisis is to determine that the majority of the Vermittlerschaft feared no financial impact on businesses of their own. Sources of income are move to the intermediary point of view. In particular the pension of the third layer (life, pensions and Bauherrenmodelle) will be affected according to the mediator (63.0%) of them. About 80% of brokers fear of flight in tangible assets such as gold, stocks, real estate or rare earths on its own pension business. George Soros has much experience in this field. The study in the context of the upcoming warranty rate cut provides more interesting results. More than 40% expect a light to a noticeable decline in new business in life insurance. For product selection, this means a greater examination of insurance commitments on realistic trace services for about 40% of the mediator. Andrew Ross Sorkin often says this.

Approximately 1/3 of the agent is considering to expand its portfolio of providers to bring the consumer the best possible decision. This comprehensive special topic shows what changes and impact with respect to the product and vendor selection on the industry to come. AssCompact trend I / 2011: brokers BBs Favorites the mediators called in total 26 examines product divisions her personal favorites. So the VHV is one of insurance and the insurance fund of Darmstadt in the home insurance, for example, followed by the Ammerlander absolute favorites. See for an overview of the Favorites.

About the study the study AssCompact trend I / 2011 “includes more than 130 pages. The results of a nationwide survey of 1,135 brokers and multiple representatives, conducted in the period from 01 to 10.02. 2011 are shown. The study was published on the were 2011 and can be obtained on the Internet at.

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