Posted January 31st, 2020 by Suzy

Still citing Bachelard, the water is the element more constant than it symbolizes the forces more hidden human beings, simpler, simplificantes. Although all considered insane the attitude of the man, the word madness never more could be mentioned in its house, the subject was not argued, therefore wild all are considered the ones that run away from the society to make of the solitude the only company. The distanciamento with the world was so definitive that it never more stepped on in soil nor capim, as tells the narrator. The solitude gains fullness with the complete blackout, the refugee more did not scratch out a match at least, was remained in its particular desert as if it did not need light to enxergar itself. As Bachelard, ' ' It is dived in the water to renascer renovado' ' in way that the new man obtains to abstain them basic considered material things stop its survival. A renewal to become exempts, to choose the course of the proper life, to choose the moment of if leaving to take route its destination. The PAST the son, as well as the father, also is moved away from the life in society and passes if to exclusively dedicate to evoke the past.

While the other members of the family had given sequence to its lives, the existence of the son is summarized to wait it and to remember. My mother if moved, with the husband, for far daqui. My brother decided and if he was, for a city. The times moved, in devagar fast of the times. Our mother finished also going, of a time (…). I was here, of remaining portion. (…).

I remained, with the luggage of the life. Our father lacked of me, I knows (…). Although the narrator affirms that the necessary father of its presence, this speaks, in the truth, can in contrast be interpreted: it is who lacked of the presence of the father, therefore as to follow ahead without understanding what he was he stops backwards.

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