Armed Forces

Posted May 1st, 2012 by Suzy

Drift from there, perhaps, another atavic image, of ' ' moral reserve of nao' ' , gift in all the cultures. One and another one constitute the well biggest one of that the military they can make use in the seio of the society the one that belongs. It occurs that, differently of the goods and services, that can be presented and be divulged, or same of one politics of government, whose advantages and results can be proclaimed, the defense of the native land – reason of being of the Armed Forces – is a intangible product, except when placed to the test, becoming incua, before a scene of indefinite threat, as the current one, the propagation of messages that encaream its importance. The preservation of the mentioned atavic images contributes for an unconscious and subjective notion of ' ' reason of ser' ' , that it minimizes the perverse effect of the objective reality, which is, of the inexistence of threat fully identified. However, as the image survive only in the measure where the expectations for it generated if identify with the observed reality, the quality and the credibility if becomes the proper requirement of the survival. Under the optics of the market, product that does not present quality disappears, substituted for another one better, while that one presents that it contributes directly for the good image of the company, creating a regenerative process, where the mark starts to be quality assurance, promoting the acceptance of the product. From there the fantastic investments made to assure the good image. In the case of the Armed Forces, the image before the nation can contribute for the best acceptance of the reasons of its existence, for the allocation most favorable of resources and for bigger easiness in the conscription of volunteers it military career in ampler segments each time of the society.

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