Andreas Jack Anton

Posted December 16th, 2020 by Suzy

In the design and development of the MF S700 was also the ergonomics of the whole system in the foreground. This includes the comfortable color touch screen display for direct communication between the operator and the system. The concept of the workplace is designed for production-oriented and offers high comfort through its motor-driven height adjustment for the operating staff. The side shelves provide an excellent document flow of documents to be processed. The system has a variable paper transport path document discharge either on the front or on the back of the unit. The straight document throughput with output on the rear panel of the system saves the redirecting of the paper and thus excludes a processing risk sensitive material. By default, all systems are equipped with Imprinter and endorser. The DMS Expo is always an important platform for the exchange of information between providers and users, for us to meet also future needs”, stresses Andreas Jack, Managing Director of the microform GmbH.

our Hochleistungsscansystem MF S700 is a direct result of this Exchange and voluminous perfectly to the needs of users digitisation solutions tailored to. Visitors to the fair can persuaded live on the spot.” The portfolio is rounded off by the comfortable and production-oriented DpuScan capturing software of the technology partner Janich & Klass, with microform its scanning as already in the past year presented together. About microform microform GmbH was founded in 1994 at first, to ensure the production and sale of Agfa microfilm processing camera ADMIS CD 51. Assuming develops, produces and sells high performance document scanner and archive components since microform. With the best image quality concept micro form made it his mission complete and tailored to individual user needs scanning solutions to offer and this in Exchange has with the customer continues to develop.

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