Andreas Gabalier – Because I Come Here

Posted February 5th, 2021 by Suzy

The new album by Andreas Gabalier – because I come here even in our neighbouring country of Austria is a real sensation when a newcomer such as Andreas Gabalier achieves gold in two months and is nominated in three categories at the AMADEUS. By the way, he is a dark horses for the \”Grand Prix der volksmusik\” on August 29, 2009 in Munich, where he for his home country Austria with the hit \”so books i picked up di\” appears. It’s worth so right from the start away to look at this newcomer, which is seen by many insiders as a great hope of honest and modern folk music scene. With his debut album, \”Here I come\”, which comes on August 7 in the shops, he will provide a sensation in Germany. It is now by Napoleon and a law student from Styria, Austria 212 years, on May 4, 1797, the cease-fire was proclaimed by Leoben and Napoleon’s occupation troops left the Styria. One had not joined but apparently headed home from the army of the small Corsican. He stayed there and this Monsieur Gabalier put more small Gabaliers in the World, and one of them, studied today in Graz jus: Andreas Gabalier, a 24 years young, home-related Scorpion.

Andreas knows the mountains of Styria (and other peaks of in Austria) as an active Alpine climbers who not only the snack, but also not infrequently his instrument with up on the mountain trails. The best part is, if you arrived after a rise at the hut, just get out of the button accordion and play on it ‘, he says. His own songs are mostly. His own compositions. Standing in their structure for themselves. He is, if you will, a kind of singer-songwriter on his harmonica. The musical roots are in folk music, the urge to connect to other genres is likable and has its charm.

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