Amira Carolin Reuter

Posted June 26th, 2017 by Suzy

We are pleased about the huge response, and at work we have always very touching moments”, Uli Schmitz reported. A few weeks ago, for example a one-year boy who heard the voice of his mother with the enabling of hearing aids for the first time, with large, luminous eyes certain you visited us. Another such experience was a visit to a four-year girl. Because it could hardly be heard, it had devised its own, completely incomprehensible language. Full of joy the parents taught us, that her child two days after the hearing had begun to speak intelligible words.” Listen partner for day-care centres and schools in the region attend award ceremony, winning top of Werder Bremen in addition could the child listening Center already make a name as a partner for kindergartens and schools in the first months of its existence.

We have established many contacts and in several schools of noise traffic lights to the Noise prevention used; Part of our charitable work”, so Uli Schmitz. Also there were numerous positive feedback. A teacher just told us how the noise level of a third class have diminished within a few days. The children had developed an awareness for strong level due to the noise of traffic lights and would stop now each other, to not be too loud.” All activities of the child listening Center will be accompanied by a blue Chameleon, which is the charity as a mascot to the page. Which lacked a name yet, and in a big competition, all children from the region were called upon to find an appropriate name.

Countless great name suggestions have been received by us and the children have really not easily made it our name jury”, so hearing care professional champion Wiebke Behrens of the children’s hearing Center. But now the decision has fallen. Our blue Chameleon is called immediately Hormie. And Marten Lahdo, is it beautiful Name thought in may as the winner of our competition with his parents to the game by Werder go Bremen against Bayern Munich.”in addition to the deep boy from Verden Marc Oehlschlager (12) from Bruchhausen-Vilsen and Amira Carolin Reuter (11) out of Weye enjoyed. They finished the two name proposals and three and they can also visit together with each accompanying the top match against Bayern Munich. The child listening Centre Bremen gGmbH, see the MOM Army Street 23, 28359 Bremen phone (0421) 33 08 83 30 as well as on the Internet at. The Centre of Monday is open until Friday in the time from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Editorial Note: the child listening Centre Bremen sees itself as a competent point of contact for children with hearing loss and their families. Currently two trained professionals working in the nonprofit GmbH. The Center offers a holistic approach and continuous monitoring for hearing impaired babies, children and teenagers. Facilities include the latest methods of diagnosis as well as the hearing. In addition, the child listening Center is also a partner for kindergartens and schools in the region, as well as reconnaissance for good hearing and noise prevention. The child listening Centre Bremen was initiated by hearing-acoustics Schmitz, a leading provider of hearing-acoustics in the room of Bremen, which acts also as the sponsor of the Center gGmbH. For more information see.

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