American Love

Posted September 18th, 2017 by Suzy

Never before so many tens of millions of Americans have flocked to vote to choose which will be the candidates of their party’s preferences to reach the Presidency of his country. In Valentine’s day Republicans and Democrats have shown their preferences for candidates other than who they favored on the day of Santa Claus. While in the governing party would already have a chosen (John McCain) the Democrats are still removing daisies between Obama and Clinton. After Super Tuesday the panorama in the US internal is has been clarifying, though not resolving. A week after Super Tuesday, February 5 close to the two major parties have borne in 6 constituencies Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, capital (D.C.), Maryland and Virginia.

Democrats, moreover, have chosen delegates at meetings (caucuses) in the Virgin Islands and in Maine. Inside the John McCain Republicans it would be already crowning. To him has favoured the withdrawal of his main rival Mitt Romney and then a true accolade of George Bush. However, he wakes up resistances in the hard sectors of the party, which is evident in certain blunders that he received at a conservative Convention and Evangelist Mike Huckabee has earned it in two of the six contests that have taken place after Super Tuesday. According to estimates by CNN McCain already has 827 and remaining only earn 364 more to have the magic number of 1,191 with which would be automatically declared the official candidate.

The only candidate of weight that follows is the former pastor Huckabee who paneas has 217 delegates. While the latter says that you don’t expect so much of mathematics, but of a divine miracle, is clear that he has no more chances as it has nearly four times fewer votes in the Republican Convention than his rival and, if he is still in race, is to regroup the religious right and achieve this press McCain to make more reaganista turns or so second place in your iron subsides them. According to the CNN Obama just recently overcome to the Clinton because he would already have 1,253 delegates against 1,211 of his opponent. African American lawyer has won eight consecutive votes and is the candidate who has won more States. In all your triumphs he has tended to have twice as many votes as he removed Hillary. In the field clintonista is concerned that Obama has already begun to sink in its three main bases (women, Hispanic and manual workers) to the point that he beat her in these sectors in Virginia. The Clinton believe that his rival is strong in small States and why they are concentrated in prepare for the elections that in March there will be in Texas (where Hillary had a massive rally Tuesday in El Paso with much latino support), Ohio and Pennsylvania. However, if Obama continues to grow you can ultimately pass them just as Rudy Giuliani, who headed the Republican preferences but who failed to despise the early smaller States that voted to concentrate on Florida (and when it came time to this people were encouraged to vote for winner). Hillary will try to go to the offensive by appealing to that she represents facts and not promises, while his rival will want to continue being the sensation to pose as the only one who can renew the system.

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