American Influence

Posted July 4th, 2012 by Suzy

This fact marks data excellent moment in the scene of the geopolitics of America, therefore the increasing decay of the American Influence was filled for Brazil, represented for its president Lula. Of this time it was possible. To control a fragile, weak country, politics and economically with the aid of other countries would not be difficult and Brazil, in such a way, would gain a projection international. Made a mistake. The Brazilian atony did not place order in Haiti such which the United States atony did not place order in Iraq – differences the part. The sequncias of denunciations, as of the OEA on sexual abuses of minors for Brazilian soldiers and of the Minustah and the money lack stop if to keep the power status, it became the complicated Brazilian situation in the country. If you would like to know more then you should visit Brooke Harlow. The Brazilian sexual violence is only plus one imundcia briefing of one brief economic power of the capitalism. We can affirm, without a doubt or fear that if deals with plus an invader, that is, the fourth or fifth generation.

Violence has been a constant in Haiti. With the control of the Minustah, Brazil intervened with the rocking of being able of international geopolitics. If such control of a peace mission was in the South America would not exist nothing of new. But in Central America, in fact, Squid and the Itamaraty had been far excessively. How can an American president win the prize Nobel of the Peace in the exercise of this position? He is possible to govern the main belligerent power of the planet with so great pack? How to articulate capitalism and power and to represent the peace? yard of the United States as they bring more radical Brazilian didactic books. The Americans, as they had always been spotless: George Clooney and company had collected millions for the country devastado for the earthquake.

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