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Posted February 15th, 2021 by Suzy

Say that the content we are looking for It should not be more than three clicks of the mouse of the login to a web site page.For the design of a virtual library, it is necessary to take into account some factors that make to the success of the project. Our institution has a mission and objectives: is essential to not distance ourselves from them to define the model and the contents of a virtual library / digital library. It is necessary to clearly define the recipients of our virtual library / digital library and stand firm on developing services and products for those recipients: do not try to be the solution for everyone, because we will lose the course. It is also necessary to decide whether us incorporate the production of our institution (books, journals, databases, etc.) in a virtual library / digital library itself and/or join in cooperative initiatives of virtual libraries / national, regional or international digital libraries.Development of collections digital of the publications of our our institution has own production of knowledge (books, articles, research reports, production of indicators, reports, programmes, etc.), our greater added value for society is to put these documents in full text in our virtual library or a third-party or cooperative virtual library (free or paid). The development of digital collections of publications to offer them to users through the remote access (e.g. via Internet) is one activity that has been developing two decades ago in the world, and whose main activities, which Abby Smith well describes strategies for Building Digitized Collections (Smith, 2001), are: deciding what to include in our production in the digital collection and for whom is destined the collection;Keep in line with the mission and objectives of our institution to choose the contents of the digital collection;Choose the most valuable contents to the user community that favors the institution;Help our institution to analyze the new audiences generated by Internet, and see which ones are of interest to our mission as an institution (for example, teachers and students from courses remote, connected to the network (public and private officials, scholars from other regions of the world, etc.); Desarrollar our plan and budget in a realistic way; define a sustainable strategy for the collection that will ensure that you have the necessary financing for its development, updating and maintenance. One of the more expensive items is digitizing printed publications that do not have their digital version;Avoid duplication of efforts and not digitize publications that are already accessible via the web, but provide a link to that external resource;Promote a respectful use of copyright; incorporate metadata that facilitate recovery and classification of publications in digital publications; incorporate interfaces that allow search by keywords and Boolean operators; incorporate mechanisms and types of files that allow users download texts, archive them, print them, etc.;Work with the specialists themed to reflect the thematic indexing as best as possible, changing the theme of our library vocabulary; deal with maintenance and scalability of our platform (hard and software) to run our BV always well grows the collection;Make sure that the server where it is hosted our BV support volume and the simultaneity of consultations on the text of the reading room and databases;Evaluate if we should join regional already existing platforms, such as for example the Regional Virtual Library of social sciences of CLACSO, the Ibero-American BibliotecDigital of UNESCO, SciELO and other regional initiatives;As professionals, keep us up to date with regard to new developments for BV/BD.

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