Ambulance Services: Contracts

Posted June 28th, 2015 by Suzy

Taxi and car rental business as well as Behindertenfahrdiente and couchette cars with hard-to-remember item numbers must grapple with Christmas campaign of the German medicine data center at the settlement of insured with the statutory health insurance. Not so with the billing on the Internet about the German medical data center (DMRZ). Billed only after kilometers. To store the existing agreements between payers and traffic organisations in the system of the German medical Computing Centre. “” Instead of having to type as date information on contract details, such as the to use billing item numbers and prices, taxi services capture parameters such as mileage “and mode of transport”.

The system automatically creates the right payroll positions, where also additional payment and value-added tax are calculated automatically. Free private contracts deposit possible is this innovative method of billing, the specialists of DMRZ in constant contact with the payers and traffic organisations there, of which they be informed about the current situation of the framework contract. The providers must define only his contract numbers in the system, our billing software will do the rest,”says DMRZ CEO Thomas Gazda. At the end of the year, there is now a very special action when the DMRZ. Taxi and car hire entrepreneur and provider of qualified sick and disabled transportation can have until December 31, 2009 free deposit their contracts with health insurance in the system of the DMRZ.

So, you get an optimum basis to cancel easily, quickly and easily with the payers. What should you do? Who would like to have free deposit its contracts in the DMRZ system, which should proceed as follows. Sign up for free on the Internet page. “” The application works on the link join free now “in the customer login section’. To register in the Internet system, you need only one copy of the IK Award notification, as well as a copy of your identity card. Sign up after a successful login to the hotline of the DMRZ 02181/2739057. phone number giving you the support staff the note that you wish to store your contracts in the DMRZ free of charge during the Christmas campaign. To be sure, call your customer number, which you received at registration. Fax or email your contracts on the DMRZ. You can use 02181 / 27390579 fax number or E-Mail address. The programmer of the German medical Computing Centre will store your contracts then after a few days in the system.

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