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Posted January 26th, 2021 by Suzy

New with webinars quickly and safely targets set and reach a talk by an end of the world to this date and market it as a Hollywood movie, the others choose a place in France, to survive the end of the world. Seminar service Nastasi decided in the summer of 2008, to a completely different way. We show what will happen–in our opinion, Yes, there will be a change, but in the consciousness. “” Today we notice everywhere that people begin their spiritual needs, their mental strength to go back to, like the very the Celestine prophecy beautifully in the book “and also in conversations with God” coming over. Since November 2010, this training is suitable for everyone, offered as on a donation basis. Alone in the first month, more than 170 people have completed a course with us.

There are interactive courses with all the elements of the participants needed to put goals in his life, to achieve, to manifest successes. We accompany the participants 30 or 60 days with daily exercises, with a free forum, which is 24 hours a day available. Also, private emails to personal questions, several books that we have written on this subject and a unique support system – the live are chat, we perform every day with our participants. This is the only way to ensure that our Webinars do not like other seminars and lectures without result in the universe almost audible. We solve the common issues and problems on the same day, even on weekends. This system has helped thousands of people to rediscover their mental strength and start from the place where they are now, no matter how bad the situation is, in an active, independent life. We are looking for another one or more sponsors, who will continue in 2011 to enable this project.

Donations in any height are very welcome and via the website. Prepare on a turn – start today and see what opportunities and what an energy in your Thought is with the worldwide unique project is responsible owner Alexander Nastasi forest road for this press release 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224 / 924255 the new Web page Portal are employed on the basis of thousands of successful online seminars with the mediation of free seminars in the field of online. The coaching is complemented by paid seminars that are available locally in all Germany. These include seminars on the law of attraction, meditation guides and CDs, but also telephone conferences. Mentalcoaching deals with the possibilities of the human mind, to achieve goals quickly and safely. Keyworte: new era, what happens 2012, 2012, 2012, to prepare manifest doomsday, put new times, new energy, preparation, row, row reach world, donations

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