Agricultural Society

Posted April 24th, 2018 by Suzy

However, when the processes of expropriation of the peasants start to happen, mainly in the proper Device of the Galilia, the Agricultural Society, it passes to abide a more radical character and initiates a great conflict mainly politician for the devolution of expropriated lands and for the proper agrarian reform. In this direction the fights peasants north-eastern gain a new denotation, and is not summarized only to an isolated fight. At last, ' ' proletariat campons' ' to if finding as the main victim of the process of accumulation of capital in the canavieira farming, it gradual goes if guiding for only two exits. The first one consisted simply of adapting the new rules of a market economy in the field, if becoming in best of the hypotheses a wage-earning worker not contemplated by labor laws (he is valid to stand out that in this process of adaptation of the worker the new forms of production conducted for the industrial bourgeoisie, had been evidenced a great contingent of kept out of society families, had the great use of the temporary man power, that is, to be a wage-earning fixture in the agricultural large state, exactly without having some labor law, from the decade of 1960 was a privilege of few families.). the second alternative one was if to reveal antagonistically to these changes in the capitalist production that each time more expropriated the poor family peasant of its main ' ' fortuna' ' the land for the plantation and the creation of cattle of one forms extensive, come back toward the subsistence. It is in this context of superexploration and expulsion in mass of the peasant who the Agricultural Society of Plantadores and Pecuaristas de Pernambuco, was obliged to intervine in the defense of the small property peasant and the proper fight of the campesinato, being raised the flag of an agrarian reform.

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