A Shaman In Vienna

Posted October 29th, 2017 by Suzy

July 2012: Joven Murayari looking for traces in the Wiener Prater. It must be not always rain forest. Journalists well do faithful there of Shakespeare’s wisdom more things between heaven and Earth, imagined lets as your environments”, to engage also in phenomena which you will find in any textbook of the science. And aside from the still growing esoteric boom the Vienna live team had a specific reason to make the metaphysical. Since the beginning of the year we are in a completely new office building in new Marx. A new building will be revived: people, ideas, passions. And somehow, even the soul should be their right.

Where we were open in the concrete for everything. But how it among journalists just. Does anyone know someone who knows someone and so we finally got the deal by Joven Murayari, a traditional Peruvian healer, to clean the Office buildings and the employees interested”is an expression that only opened himself up in practice for us. Murayari comes from a family of shamanistic healers. In his hometown of Tamshyacu in the Amazon, he runs a camp for intensive healings.

Recently, he has started there is also a school project for children. Target is not advised, the knowledge about the healing properties of the plants of the Rainforest into oblivion. In Germany and Austria, Murayari has energetically treated countless apartments, offices, most recently about a construction company as well as surgeries. In the echo medienhaus, Joven Murayari went with a seriousness to the work that would well are also a tax consultant. First of all, he looked thoroughly at our House, where he told us first impressions by the different moods on the floors. First surprise: A complete stranger tells us how our company works and where it would improve anything. It is about creativity and information flows. Consultants needed always days for it to find out how this works so we. In a first night session, Joven Murayari then made the Cleaning of the House. With two shamanic trained volunteers, all rooms are sprinkled with scented water. Where Murayari come no doubt left that the actual work at the staff, and is. That’s why are 4 cleanings for those interested. In short, it comes to find the balance between the spiritual and material life. This an extracts from different trees, lianas, PIRI PIRI and other medicinal plants from the rain forest was given us, which led to different experiences. Is very important in this ritual, to feel gratitude for the gifts of mother nature and to pronounce. Second amazement: commonly imagine shaman Yes as permanently stoned gurus. But the opposite is true. Joven Murayari explains that represents the smoking of marijuana, an insult to the plant. In his camp in the rainforest, Murayari treated also drug addicts. When all dry cleaners are completed, we have gained a friend. And in the tea kitchen debate between skeptics and A process set in motion is been supporters, which ensure long lasting effect. Man shall not live by bread alone”on this verse from the Bible is it eventually, it seems.

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