March 28th, 2018

New from Aastra: the latest version of the Ascotel IntelliGate ICT family systems for small and medium-sized enterprises provides user-friendly fixed mobile convergence (FMC) functionality and one number calling Berlin, February 2009 In the new release 7.7 of the ICT system family Ascotel IntelliGate for small and medium-sized enterprises has Aastra that extends fixed mobile […]

Future Desires

March 25th, 2018

“Emotions hit technology bells and whistles Barcelona/Hamburg / Nuremberg, February 18, 2009 – at least since the opening day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the mobile phone market has a new hype: the product of the hour is the so-called application store – a kind of digital grocery store, where users can equip […]

Global Warming

March 23rd, 2018

Ministry of Natural Resources introduced a new method for calculating the damage to water facilities and offers to encourage recycling. The business summit in Denmark, discussed global warming and 'green energy'. Childrens Defense Fund is full of insight into the issues. Third of a million inhabitants of the Earth die each year from the effects […]

Russian Federation Business

March 21st, 2018

In fact hard to imagine how intensely refined representing the information environment in the human community. Not for nothing believe that the virtual world, which has made our world, without exaggeration, a large village, where guests, separated by thousands of miles, will be able without difficulty to contact and interact in a state of the […]

Google Adsense

March 13th, 2018

As many already know, Google conducted the negotiations, made available to the withdrawal of money from accounts through the payment system 'Rapid' (Rapida). This method was introduced in early June. Little about the advantages of this system: Rapid allows you to transfer money to across Russia, ordinary money order. Money sent by Google to come […]

Great Encyclopedia

March 8th, 2018

Ever heard the term Financial Shark? Financial dictionary defines it as: Type of investor speculation is dedicated to buying shares in a company with a low contribution to control and then sell major assets or their subsidiaries, thinking that the company is worth more than divided in current form. Nieman Foundation shines more light on […]

We should also be said about e-commerce. If our people had with reasonable skepticism relates to the possibility of purchase of a product over the Internet, now more and more Russians are committing purchases directly to a computer desk. With buyers in this case is clear – they save their time. And what benefits gives […]