12 Questions About Your Work

Posted June 13th, 2019 by Suzy

Answer these questions and more about your work find out many people know this feeling: you work 5 days a week, 40 hours a week, 8 hours per day. And they are always waiting for the long-awaited Friday. After that, everything is good. Friday is relaxed, Saturday is really took on the plaster and Sunday to spend most time with the family, but after this is over this gravel-feeling comes back up. This feeling that you have to work tomorrow again and you can suddenly no longer relax and everything you do has no value. Then on Monday, it takes until some time to settle that one there must be full again.

Again and again the beautiful idea of the great weekend comes and you can’t wait until it’s Friday again. It shall be given that about 80 percent of the people. Incredible how many people hate to go to work. But how is it with you? Do you feel fulfilled in your work? Enjoy your work? The following 12 questions should give you clarity. Answer truthfully, going It’s not so good to cut off. It should serve only to find more about your work out. 12 questions about your work power you your work in the common joy? Can you take your skills and talents to the expression? How do you feel after work? Do you have more energy or you’re totally burnt out and angry? Are you complaining constantly about your work? You’re doing the job of a commitment to other people (including the family) do you think that your payment is justified? You tend to be greedy? If you have a high position in your company, uses this position to lower ranks you? Are you busy while working really work or is your head always somewhere else? Do you think that your work and services are valuable for the customer? Do you feel that you have more power and too little will be paid, or that you have no power and are overpaid? Are you with your head still in work after work or can you complete it insulate? Are you satisfied or not? These questions can give a small boost to you whether you’re really satisfied in your work or not.

Grab pen and paper at hand and quite detailed answer these questions. There are unfortunately many people who are very unhappy with their work but still don’t really know it. Remember also that there is no way out of this dilemma to come out. There are a good video in which he gives good tips for people who want something more in the life of John Assaraf. John Assaraf is one of the teachers of the feature film the secret – the secret. Here you can see the video.

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