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Posted July 16th, 2020 by Suzy

To the 11 hours of day 11 of month 11 (November) of 1918 the I stopped World war (initiated in 1914) This got to be the greater warlike slaughter of history, only surpassed in blood by II the World war (1939-1945). Since then each 11 of November the United Kingdom commemorates to his almost two million deads happened in those two great conflicts as well as to the 16.000 that they have had in all the wars of last the six decades. Our affections with all our British brothers that underwent the horror of those slaughters and that lost relatives in it. Many will stress the roll of the United Kingdom to have forged the present democratizante and liberal global model. Nevertheless, which motivated to these wars was the necessity abrir to more markets or dependencies for one or the other power.

For many the British troops helped to defeat to fascism and to Comunism and today comes fighting to fundamentalism. For other these they have defended to an empire. In the Third World it has many who vindicate a the independentistas of India, Malaysia, Egypt and other ex- colonies that faced the soldiers of their Majesty. In Latin America the wound of the war delas the Falklands follows open. The conflict of 25 years ago found to all that region (except for Chile de Pinochet) endorsing Argentina, that still demands those islands. Today one of the main aspects of the celebration of yesterday went to honor to than 200 British fallen the more in recovering Falklands .

In these days he is usual to see many people who are placed a red flower in their lapel to show their solidarity with the fallen ones, although it is not seen within the majority of Latin American or the other ethnic minorities of these islands. Many Irish do not share it either and in the official celebrations it was possible to be seen as in these (Paisley) participated unionist the first secretary of Northern Ireland but vice did not do his (the McGuinness nationalist). We honor the tombs of the fallen ones and hoped that there are not more died British welding in conflicts. This last it could help to be obtained if London decided not to become involved in new occupations that ignite the bonfire and that also generate so many problems of internal security. Original author and source of the article.

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